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Durable Cosy Beard Moustache Comb - Cosy Beard - Comb - Beard Balm Belfast Irish Beard Brand

Durable Cosy Beard Moustache Comb


The smallest comb we make, with the finest teeth spacing on a stainless comb on the planet.  Fits right under your nose! It’s less than 1” high and lets your thumb rest to the outside of the teeth. It’s very simple and completely perfect for your moustache project! Warm it in running hot water and spread your moustache wax with complete ease!!! Let’s see wood or plastic do that. This comb like all our other combs comes with a Lifetime Guarantee (T&C Apply).

This comb is selling as a Preorder, that will ship no sooner than the 1st of November 2020.

Imperial = 4.25in x 0.84in / Metric = 108 x 21

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