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Durable Dual Tooth Stainless Steel Cosy Beard Parting Tip Comb - Cosy Beard - Comb - Beard Balm Belfast Irish Beard Brand

Durable Dual Tooth Stainless Steel Cosy Beard Parting Tip Comb


Comb it and part it with our revolutionary design. Our combs are machine cut and polished by hand. Each is made through a 9 stage polishing process; supplied with mirror finish teeth and edges.

Stainless steel combs remove static from hair. They clean up very well. Teeth don't break and you can push them to extremes combing thick and knotted hair. Large side can be used as a general comb and the small side can be used for your moustache. 

American steel 🇺🇸 lifetime guarantee beard combs! These shiny works of art have a reassuring weight and can untangle any beard you glide through it!

Cheap plastic and wooden combs come with tiny defects in their surfaces that can catch on your hair and pull them out. Polished steel will stop this from happening.
Are you looking for a new comb? If so, look no further! Buy now!

  •  TOP QUALITY American Stainless Hair Comb
  • Handmade end Laser Engraved 
  •  Mirror Finish Teeth for smooth glide
  •  Comb out knots with large tooth spacing
  •  Style with same comb - dual purpose!
  •  Easily clean your comb with hot water
  •  Teeth won’t break unlike plastic combs
  •  Lifetime Guarantee (T&C apply) pass it down generations

Imperial = 7.6in x 1.5in / Metric = 193 x 38