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What is Beard Care? 

Just like other body hair beards need maintained. Actually beards need taken care of a lot more than regular hair on your head and this is for a variety of reasons. .


What is Beard Oil & Balm?

Beard Oil is a mixture of different oils that together will moisturise your beard hair and the skin underneath. Not only to keep it healthy but to add some character with scents. The body naturally produces oil for your beard but this does not always do the job so using oils like Jojoba that is very similar will help maximise your growth, stop split ends, dead looking hair and the dreaded beard itch. 
Beard Balm has similar properties to Beard Oil bar a few ingredients like Mango Butter, Coconut Oil and Beeswax. This will allow you to add texture and shape to your beard while maximising on moisturising. Beard Oil and Balm is designed to be used together to create a healthy beard.  


How do I apply Oil & Balm?  

Cosy Beard recommends that you create a daily beard care routine. 
Step 1. After Showering / Washing the face to remove dirt and dead skin. Lightly pat dry with a towel being careful not to tug on the hair.
Step 2. Apply 3-6 drops depending on your beard length to the palm of your hand, rub together and work it through your beard starting from the top down. Less is more in this instance because you can always add more oil but you'll have to wash it out if you apply too much.
Step 3. Take a pea sized scoop of beard oil, work it into your palms until malleable and do the same as the oil, for better results use a Beard Brush to work it down to the roots and evenly through your beard. 
Step 4. Style and shape as you see fit and then try and fight off all of your admirers! 

How long will it last?

How long is a piece of string? It depends how much you use the products. 1 30ml bottle of oil will probably last around a month. 


How long will it last in my beard?

Cosy Beard products scents will last for a good 24 hours in your beard if used correctly. 


Oil or Balm?

We recommend you use both together but this is a personal preference. Each has their strengths so we'll let you decide. The oil is purely a conditioner while the balm is also used for shaping the beard.



Wash your beard as often as you wash your hair or when you normally wash. Just make sure that you apply your routine because washing it with soap / shampoo will strip it of its natural oils.


Brushing / Combing

You should incorporate brushing into your beard care routine as it will help you to get the oil and balm into your beard. Don't over brush or comb it.

Blow drying?

I get it, you have a long beard and its quicker to blow dry it. Be careful however as you may be 'cooking' your beard, especially if you have balm/oil in it. If you have to, keep it on a low heat.


Beard Itch...

This is fairly common, especially with new beards. Think about it, you've been shaving your facial hair for years into fine points so a few weeks in they will start to become irritating. This is the biggest reason that men give up growing a beard. You have to overcome the urge to shave and instead use beard balm to soothe the area, use warm water to soften the hair and if it gets worse ice or a cold flannel to reduce inflammation.  

Will your beard products get rid of a patchy beard?

While we can't guarantee that our products will help your beard grow we like to think we're giving it a fighting chance. Beard growth has a lot to do with genes as well as a healthy diet, good sleep and exercise. 


Are your products CPRS certified?

Yes, absolutely. It is illegal to sell cosmetic products in the EU and the UK without this licence. All products have also never been tested on animals only bearded men.