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About us

Beards are made to be Cosy!

For many years like most guys my skincare routine was nothing more than a splash of water on the old mug and maybe a dab of moisturiser under the eyes. Having to shave was a chore that I detested and every product I used on my sensitive skin always irritated it. In short, I'd had enough.
On a 2 week trip to America to visit a friend I realised I'd forgotten my razor and decided to lean into the patchy stubble that would emerge. After getting back home and to my surprise the girlfriend approved so then began an obsession.
Because I'm a younger guy and my beard hasn't reached its full potential I spent countless hours researching the different ways to make it grow and this involved experimenting with beard oil and balm. I love making things so I jumped at the chance to create products of my own. In the space of a few months Cosy Beard was born.
All of our cosmetic products are handmade and tested to fit with UK and EU regulations. This means that they all have CPSR certificates as it is illegal to sell cosmetics without one. Our ingredients are natural, locally and ethically sourced. None of the products are tested on animals.