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What's the difference between Beard Oil and Beard Balm?

Posted by Joshua Boyd on


You've just started your bearded journey and you're realised it's a lot more complicated than just putting down the razor. You want to get the best products for your face and you've heard that beard oil and beard balm are a good investment, but what's the difference? Should I be using both. Cosy Beard is here to answer your questions.

Beard Oil

Probably the most popular product to get for your beard. Beard oil is purely for conditioning and moisturising and is usually made up of carrier oils, essential oils and fragrance oils. Common carrier oils are Jojoba, Castor and Grapeseed.

They are called carrier oils because they make up the bulk of the product and 'carry' the scent to your facial hair. Essential oil and fragrance oil are the scent that is added to make your beard smell great. Essential oil is the extracted essence of a plant or herb and fragrance is synthetic. Essential oils have different health properties while fragrance oils do not have any effect other than scent.

Beard Balm

Another very popular product is beard balm. While beard oil is purely for conditioning, beard balm has a dual purpose. Styling. If your beard is quite tame then go for the oil if you're on a budget. However if your beard is a bit more unruly then the balm is a must.

Beard balm is usually made up of butters, oils and waxes. Common ingredients include Shea butter, Mango butter, and Beeswax. Non beeswax versions can be found for those vegans out there. Beard balm like beard oil also will include essential and fragrance oils for scent will come with different hold strengths. The more wax in the balm the stronger the hold.


Most bearded pros use a combination of oil and balm in their beard care routine and they work really well together. If you're just getting started out I can wholeheartedly recommend our very own Premium Beard care kit. This has a balm, oil, comb, brush and scissors at a very reasonable price. Everything can be bought individually as well. Stay Cosy!

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