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Hemp Seed in our Beard Oil?

Posted by Joshua Boyd on

Did you know there's Hemp Seed Oil in our Premium Beard Oil and Balm? ☘️😊

I've not properly done a deep dive on the oils that I use in the products so after getting a few questions I thought I'd do a post about this one first.

This is one of my favourite oils and it has a ton of amazing benefits for your beard that I haven't seen in many rival beard brands. 🤟

It's made from the seeds of hemp plants but don't get excited, it doesn't contain any THC or CBD in any noticeable quantities and won't show up on any tests.☘️

It has a deep nutty/earthy aroma similar to almond oil and has large quantities of omega-6 and omega-3 fats and amino acids which can encourage beard growth. It also has anti-inflammatory properties too 😎

This was important to me because I have a nut allergy but also wanted something packed with protein. Paired with our other oils it makes one hell of a conditioner. ☺️

It's not for everybody but I'd recommend giving it a go. What do you think?

Stay Cosy! 🔥

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