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Cosy Beard - Reflecting on 2020

Posted by Joshua Boyd on

I hope you all had a fantastic new year all things considered. January is always a time to reflect and it got me thinking about my journey so far. ☘️

Cosy Beard started almost by accident in March. I was furloughed and wanted to start a business with the money, but didn't know what to do.

At the time some of my mates were trying to grow beards and the Lockdown beard was a thing. I guess I got a bit carried away as although I can't actually grow a beard yet (I'm only 22) I loved making things!✨

I wanted to evoke an emotion with my brand. Change the stereotype of something intimidating to something safe and comforting. Cosy Beard was born.🔥

I made a lot of mistakes in those early days and nearly gave up a number of times but this wonderful community kept me going. To many people to name check in this post ☘️

The first balm I ever created felt like concrete and the first oil I made smelt like crap 🤣 Through a lot of trial and error I got my 3 unique amazing scents that so many of you love.

I'm so excited for 2021. The sky is the limit. Thank you all again! ❤️

Let me know what you think of our progress in the comments!

Stay Cosy! #staycosy


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